Advancement in global food production

Adfert innovation creates enhancements of fertilizer functionality and crop productivity.

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Technological innovation for sustainable crops


Adfert offers new products and solutions for the improvement and enrichment of fertilizers.


Innovation is our DNA


Taking care of the environment is our commitment!

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Additives for fertilizers

Plentiful products and solutions that add value to the fertilizer industry by promoting greater productivity and efficiency for the farmer.

Mega Micro

Biodegradable product capable of keeping micronutrients in suspension for a homogeneous application in the field.

Max Oil

Oil-based product to efficiently capture and adhere particulates inherent in granular fertilizers.

Start Antidusting

Technologically developed to enhance fertilizers with retention and to enhance adherence of dust particulates to the surface.


60% Micronized Elementary Sulfur Suspension with a wide range of applications.


Micronutrient binding agent developed specifically for nitrogen fertilizers.


Reduction of caking tendencies, facilitating application and handling of granulated fertilizers.

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